Database Performance Tuning


Are you experiencing performance problems with your database? We offer data modeling services for both relational and big data databases. Oracle and Cassandra specialists on staff offering many services like Connection Pool Optimization.

Big Data Storage Solutions

Let the experts at Prowave Consultant assist you with your Big Data planning and strategies. We have experience with Big Banks, Big Pharma and Big Manufacturing / Distribution. No project is too big or too small for Prowave Consulting. From hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of records, we are your Big Data trusted partner.

Relational Data Structures

Many people think that the arrival of Big Data means the end of relational data stores like Oracle and SQL Server. The relational data integrity provided by RDBMS systems is a requirement for many organizations, and will continue to be in the immediate future. Many of our clients still use RDBMS for their data Source of Authority (SOA), but flatten the data into these new document centric solutions for scalability, added redundancy and faster data access. Prowave Consulting’s Big Data experts have their roots in relational databases. We can help normalize and structure your relational data before moving it to Big Data structures needed for analysis, business intelligence and fast search.

Is my data really big?

This is an entirely relative question. Some companies balk at data that is down right frightening to other companies. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Can I process and transform my data within the daily maintenance window afforded by the line of business?
  • Under peak load, is my data searchable at comparable speeds to those under minimal load?
  • Does my application slow down as we add users customers and potential buyers?
  • Do I know how much data storage I will need in 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years?

Expert database performance tuning

If you need help answering these questions please call us and we will schedule a brief conversation to see if our team is a good fit for your organization. Call us today.904-302-7734

Ready To Get Started

Whether you need help configuring your Java App container connection pool, or require the delivery of a fully functional Solr core, the staff at Prowave Consulting can assist with 1% or 100% of your development needs. Our flexible service offering can work within your framework, from acting as a consulting arm to your development team to providing a statement of work to develop and implement an entire production environment for your organization. For help or to schedule a consultation, we can be reached at 904-302-7734 or by using our Contact Form.

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