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Prowave led the development of the Spring-Data-Cassandra project. We are experts at designing and building Cassandra rings to handle any amount of data you have to store. Whether you need a 4 node ring or a 400 node ring, Prowave is the right partner for you…Guaranteed!

Why Apache Cassandra

When you need to manage a high volume of data with variable data flow at high velocity, an Apache Cassandra NoSQL database is an optimal choice. It is a fault- tolerant, durable solution when your platform requires consistent high performance with scalability.

Get up and running on Apache Cassandra

At Prowave, we can assist with the initial installation of Cassandra, whether it be from binary tarball files or Debian packages, implement single node or cluster configurations, help select your client drivers, write CQL statements and more to get you up and running.

Our consultants can design the architecture for your systems’s data distribution, determining centers, racks and replications and deployment across countries and continents. When it comes to data modeling with Cassandra, we can help you pick the optimal primary key so that your data is spread evenly, and we will model around your queries to minimize partition reads. Sometimes you may come across a single issue that is affecting the functionality of your established system that could use another set of eyes to identify the cause. We are NoSQL database experts who can troubleshoot your environment with a quick look at your confirmations and queries and then determine a solution.

While Cassandra is a viable solution to your database needs, it can pose a significant learning curve for developing applications. Spring Data for Apache Cassandra can make the transition more manageable. Read more about the Spring Data for Apache Cassandra project here: APACHE CASSANDRA PROJECT

Apache Cassandra Consulting Services

  • Evaluation of existing technology environment
  • Data modeling and development
  • Capacity planning
  • Detailed deployment plan and roadmap
  • Upgrade and migration planning
  • Architecture design
  • Installation and upgrade
  • Database partitioning
  • Data integration and access configuration
  • Cluster design and performance tuning
  • Data center creation and migration to the cloud
  • Advanced troubleshooting and performance tuning
  • Security configuration and system integration
  • Pre-production health check and review
  • Database Repair
  • Cassandra Application Support

We're here for you

If you need help with your Apache Cassandra project please call us and we will schedule a brief conversation to see if our team is a good fit for your organization. Call us today.904-302-7734

Ready To Get Started

Whether you need help configuring your Java App container connection pool, or require the delivery of a fully functional Solr core, the staff at Prowave Consulting can assist with 1% or 100% of your development needs. Our flexible service offering can work within your framework, from acting as a consulting arm to your development team to providing a statement of work to develop and implement an entire production environment for your organization. For help or to schedule a consultation, we can be reached at 904-302-7734 or by using our Contact Form.

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