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Do you need to search millions of documents with sub-second results? Our Solr Engineers can transform your data into efficient Solr cores for the fastest possible search results…Guaranteed!

Why Solr

Apache Solr is a blazing fast search platform built on the Apache Software Foundation’s, Lucene project. It’s highly flexible and easy to scale which makes it a top choice for any organization looking to implement a rich search experience.

Prowave can take your Apache Solr search experience to the next level

Prowave can help you with implementing a single Solr core as well as clusters of Solr servers (SolrClouds). We can assist with sharding strategies, indexing data for multiple shards, and integrating ZooKeeper for configuring clusters and managing fault tolerance.

We are NoSQL experts and can work with to develop data structure designs, query syntax, executing facet queries, modifying solr.xml parameters, and tuning Solr cores for optimal queries.

Here, our Prowave team offers insight into Solr solutions along with some practical tips in our blog:

Our Solr Consulting Services Include

  • Configuring Solr using ZooKeeper
  • Multiple Shards / Sharding
  • Fault Tolerance using ZooKeeper
  • Data structure Design and Tune Core for Optimal Queries
  • Solr API in current project
  • Solr query definition
  • Solr XML tuning
  • Help with queries Syntax
  • Faceting

We're here for you

If you need help with your Solr development please call us and we will schedule a brief conversation to see if our team is a good fit for your organization. Call us today.904-302-7734

Ready To Get Started

Whether you need help configuring your Java App container connection pool, or require the delivery of a fully functional Solr core, the staff at Prowave Consulting can assist with 1% or 100% of your development needs. Our flexible service offering can work within your framework, from acting as a consulting arm to your development team to providing a statement of work to develop and implement an entire production environment for your organization. For help or to schedule a consultation, we can be reached at 904-302-7734 or by using our Contact Form.

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